A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The hybrid, mazing tower defense where you decide your enemies. Build a winding maze to stop blobs from escaping your laboratory!

Built with LOVE for Github GameOff 2018.

You decide the path the enemies follow!

Make strategic decisions on the enemies you face each round, resource management is important.

Choose the enemies you'll face!

Combine resources from defeated enemies to upgrade your towers.

A bouncer tower upgraded with resources from spark blobs

Every fifth round bosses will test your defenses, be prepared!

Install instructions


Extract all contents of the .zip file to a folder on your PC and run the .exe


Download `bloboratory-linux.zip` and extract the contents somewhere on your PC. Install [LOVE](https://love2d.org) and run the extracted `.love` file from a terminal window with `love path/to/folder/bloboratory.love`

If this doesn't work, follow the instructions in `README.md` to install dependencies and try again.

Mac / OSX

LOVE Installed
Download `bloboratory-osx-raw.zip`, extract the contents somewhere on your PC and run `bloboratory.love`.

LOVE not installed
Download `bloboratory-osx-fused.zip`, extract the contents somewhere on your PC and run `bloboratory.app`.


bloboratory-win64.zip 28 MB
bloboratory-linux.zip 24 MB
bloboratory-osx-fused.zip 39 MB
bloboratory-osx-raw.zip 24 MB

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